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Shopify Plus vs Magento: Why Do Big Brands Choose Shopify Plus over Magento Enterprise

Opening an online store includes a lot of decisions – which platform is better for your brand? Shopify Plus or Magento Enterprise? How to make the right choice? Read and find out!


In the ecommerce business world, it is almost impossible for someone new to come in at the enterprise level, offer value, shake up the market, and attract the attention of retail clients from established players. Well, this is exactly what Shopify Plus has done over the last couple of years. With the advantages of reduced time to launch and lower total cost of ownership, together with the reassurance of a managed and fully-hosted ecommerce solution, Shopify Plus is conquering the ecommerce world attracting millions of businesses and brands.

It is always good to be able to use a platform and access its suitability by looking at some great examples of successful and prosperous stores using the platform. If you are wondering why do big brands choose Shopify Plus over Magento Enterprise, there are a few key differences to keep in mind.

Shopify Plus is a fully hosted ecommerce solution which means that it runs on someone else’s web server. Shopify is a cheaper solution and it covers both supporting and licensing fees in the monthly plan. Ecommerce solution Shopify is also recognized for its friendly use and simplicity.

In this article, we will present to you some of the most popular names that have been using Shopify Plus for quite some time now.

There are so many beauty brands that are using Shopify Plus and some of the most popular ones are 100% Pure, Colour Pop, Danish Skin Care, Frankbody, Kylie Cosmetics, Morphe, and Pixi.

The fashion brands that are using Shopify Plus are Bombas, Chubbies, Evy’s Tree, Good American, Gymshark (this brand switches from Magento Enterprise after a costly Black Friday crash), Hawkers, Kith, Kookai AU, Military Hippie, Nice Laundry, Pavers, Rebecca Minkoff (another brand that has decided to switch to Shopify Plus), Rhone, Skinny Dip, Vanity Planet, Venroy (originally launched on Magento and it is currently committed to Shopify Plus), and Wigs.

Some of the lifestyle and home brands using ecommerce solution Shopify Plus are Bohemia, Boll & Branch, Go Pole, Harris Farm Market, Jones Soda, Leesa, LilGadgets, Mevo, MVMT, Nescafe, NY Times, Pura Vida, Pure Cycles, Red Bull Shop, and more.

If you want to see your brand’s name on this list, switch to Shopify Plus right now!