Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus vs Magento Enterprise: Native & Core Functionality

How do Shopify Plus and Magento Enterprise compare in terms of functionality? Read this article and find out which ecommerce solution excels in this area.


Like any professional and reliable ecommerce solution, both Shopify Plus and Magento offer basic store functionalities including shopping cart, page management, shipping choices, complete product management, checkout options, usable reports, and more.

As the online store is set up and grows over time, it requires advanced online store functionalities. We are talking about functionalities such as drop shipping, additional checkout options, reviews, additional payment gateways, data-driven marketing actions, advanced and intelligent couponing, and much more. These extra functionalities could make a huge difference to your online store.

Shopify Plus has over 500 applications in the App Store while Magento has over 9000 modules in the Magento Connect. For large ecommerce store owners, some features can mean a good deal of more customers or extra revenue.

Whilst Shopify Plus has a great feature-list that will satisfy any type of business, Magento Commerce excels in a few areas such as promotions or discounts and merchandising and production. You can use promotions and discounts as part of Magento features such as customer segmentation and scheduled updates. The Magento platform allows two types – catalog price rules which are broader rules applied based on criteria in the catalog and cart price rules which are condition-based rules applied in the checkout.

Shopify on the other side is easier to use and it is ideal for standard product catalogs and selling simple products. There are third-party extensions and options to extend the functionality and the types of products for Shopify, however, Magento is a little bit stronger solution. We can say that Magento has a stronger-native feature set, however, most of the functionality can be achieved with Shopify Plus as well.

One aspect of product management that Shopify is definitely stronger is the CSV import. For an average seller, with a straightforward catalog, it is much simpler to get it right. The users who have used this function a few times said they hadn’t had any issues. With Magento, this has always been a big problem. Shopify has an excellent plugin called Excelify and this is a valuable application that makes the process cleaner and quicker and it also reduces errors.

We hope this article was useful and will help you in the decision-making process.